Dogs – Preventative Health Care

Beginning Preventative Care for Puppies:

To ensure that your puppy receives complete preventative care to protect against disease, we recommend a series of three visits. During these visits, HousePaws will thoroughly examine your puppy to identify any potential problems. Your puppy’s lifestyle will be evaluated and we’ll sit down and discuss with you the proper care for your puppy.

A comprehensive look at your pet’s risk factors will help us tailor a specific vaccination protocol for your pet with the goal to minimize unnecessary vaccines and utilize necessary vaccines to prevent common communicable diseases.

Puppy Series Visits May Consist of:

  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Intestinal parasite (worm) testing and treatment.
  • Vaccinations offered if warranted for your pets lifestyle:
  • – Distemper
  • – Adenovirus
  • – Leptospirosis
  • – Canine Parvovirus
  • – Bordetella
  • – Lymes Disease
  • Pet owner counseling regarding pet care, housebreaking, behavior, socialization, and more.


Maintaining the Health of Your Adult Dog:

As your dog ages, their needs change. We provide services to help your dog maintain good health as they advance in age.

In order to maintain your dog’s health, we recommend the following annual preventative healthcare:

  • Comprehensive semi-annual physical exam (every 6 months) to detect signs of disease, illness or aging concerns in the earliest stages.
  • Intestinal parasite testing.
  • Heartworm and tick testing and preventative medication.
  • Vaccinations and/or titer testing.
  • Periodic wellness screening which may include urinalysis and/or bloodwork.

Wellness Screening Serves a Few Purposes:

  • Necessary for all pets prior to anesthetic procedure.
  • To serve as a normal baseline and comparison for the pet later in life.
  •  Detect disease in the earliest stages allowing us to prevent further progression of the disease.

Considering the addition of a puppy or dog to your family?

Many good puppies and dogs need homes through adoptions services such as www.petfinder.org and local rescue organizations. If you are considering adding a new puppy or dog to your family, we can provide you with information to help you find the perfect pet to adopt!

Listed below are organizations that we work with and their contact information:

Burlington County Animal Alliance

All They Need is Love

Brookline Lab Rescue

Vets In Training
Do you have little veterinarians in the making? Want your child to learn more about veterinary medicine with hands-on experiences? Learn about our Vets In Training Program and review our sign up applications.