Community & Education

HousePaws takes great pride in supporting the local communities we serve.


Rescues organizations, Adoption Centers, Shelters

HousePaws provides services to many local animal rescues and adoption centers at a reduced cost to help the rescue provide the best care possible to the pets while finding their way to their new homes.

Community Wellness Days

HousePaws is proud to have an active role in various communities across our area. Our veterinarians and staff conduct “Wellness Days” where we spend time in your community offering routine wellness and sick care – all in the comfort of residents’ own homes. There are special savings on services and pet meds on that day for residents (and a little extra savings for the community organizer) so please contact our office or send us an email at community@housepawsmobilevet.com to discuss scheduling your community day.

Youth and Family

HousePawCommunity-Service-2-224x300s believes that providing educational experiences to youth is of utmost importance to their development. Our doctors and staff are available for career days, educational petting zoos, and lectures for both school and community events.

One of our lectures, “Talk with the Animals”, is a wonderful way to learn about how we use our 5 senses to understand the needs of the pets we live with.

We also offer home school, camp and evening classes with our Vets In Training Program!

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Community Education

Dr. Lisa Aumiller has been writing the Ask the Vet/Pet Project column for the Burlington County Times for over 5 years as well as educational columns for community newsletters. Our vets are available to write for your local newspaper or community paper.

Please email us at info@housepawsmobilevet.com if you would like to arrange this service for your community.

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Pre Veterinary Internships and Experiences

HousePaws is delighted to offer a number of unique opportunities to students who are aspiring veterinarians or to young students who are in the process of determining if becoming a veterinarian is what they want to do when they grow up.  Pre Veterinary experiences are vital to helping students gain the experience they need to get into the highly competitive world of veterinary school.  The staff at HousePaws all greatly appreciate the help they received along their path to success and believe that it is important to provide the same help to the next generations of animal caretakers .

Available Opportunities:

Observation Days:

Observation Days are when we allow students to come in and shadow a veterinarian for a day.   This allows the student to observe regular activities in the veterinary hospital.   For students under 18 or any college students we recommend an observation day before committing to volunteer work or applying for the summer internship.   This often will help you determine if you feel like spending more times with HousePaws would be a rewarding experience for you.


This is great for students under 18.   The hours are flexible. Volunteer hours include kennel work, hospital maintenance, and assisting veterinary technicians in all aspects of their job.

Summer Internship (paid):

Our most recent interns pictured above, Jackie and Ashley

Our most recent interns pictured above, Jackie and Ashley

This position must be applied for and is a highly sought after job at HousePaws.  We are proud to say we often have this position filled as far out as a year in advance!  You will work aside a veterinarian as a veterinary assistant in routine appointments, sick appointments, emergency care, and in surgery.  This position will help you learn every aspect of what a veterinarian goes through on a daily basis.  A previous student once reported to us: “It helped me understand that veterinarians do not just clock in and out.  They care for their patients during the day and carry that worry and care for them through the night and into the next day.  Their patients always are on their mind.   Working with HousePaws helped me learn the lifestyle of the vet as well as the job of a vet.”

We offer similar experiences for any students interested in becoming a veterinary technician, veterinary receptionist, veterinary practice manager, entrepreneur, bookkeeper, or a marketing director.

All positions require the following:

A Cover letter written by the student including the dates and times that work best for the student if applying for the volunteer or observation day.

A resume written by the student.

Students accepted will need to wear scrubs, pack a lunch, and be ready for the adventure that ensues.  Students should not come without eating a healthy breakfast.

Note:  It is an important part of the process for the student to write these things.  Many aspects of veterinary medicine will require the student to write and discuss their ambitions and their previous experiences.  We encourage parents to guide and review their children’s work but not to do their work for them.   We will not communicate directly with parents we prefer all communications and requests come directly from the student interested in working with us.

Please email requests and necessary documentation to JoinOurTeam@housepawsmobilevet.com!


Previous students share their experiences!

Dan Lantz, Senior Veterinary Student at University of Pennsylvania(2012) and now veterinarian.

“I’ll definitely miss all of you guys – I had a great time on this rotation.

Here is some of my general feedback about the rotation:
– Excellent exposure to general practice / real world case management.  I appreciated speaking with the doctors after seeing cases about how the “ideal” workup would look at an academic/specialty hospital; and why choices are made to manage things differently depending on the cases and clients.
– Excellent opportunities for surgical observation”