Questions for the Vet

Dear Dr. Lisa,

About 2 weeks ago this lump popped up on my dog our Sampson’s face. It doesn’t bother him at all but it seems to be getting bigger. I think it bothers me more than him. Should I get it checked out or just keep an eye on it?

Lumpy lab mom


Dear Lumpy Lab mom,

Growths of any kind should always be checked out by your veterinarian. This lump could be a bacterial issue, it could… Continue reading

Questions for the Vet

Home Alone and waiting…..

In this busy world we live in nowadays everyone seems to feel there aren’t enough hours in each day. Our pets, on the other hand, enjoy a calmer pace of life but anxiously await us walking through that door and giving them our utmost attention. Social deprivation in a pet leads to depression, boredom, overeating, barking, and anxiety related problems such as excessive licking and destructive behavior. Be a conscientious pet owner !

Questions for the Vet

Dear Dr. Lisa,

Last week, we had to rush our 15 year old Husky to Northstar Vets, a specialty hospital. We thought our dog had a stroke. He had a head tilt and his eyes were moving a million miles a minute. He couldn’t stand and he was vomiting. The doctor there said he had vestibular disease. I was so overwhelmed that I didn’t hear everything they said. What is vestibular disease?

Dear Overwhelmed,

Vestibular disease is very alarming when… Continue reading

Animal Tidbits Sample Article

Fecal Matters

There are many excuses not to pick up poop:  “I forgot my baggie”, “It was too mushy”, “I didn’t notice her going because I was talking”, “I was in a rush”, “It’s good for the earth, leave it, it’s composting, right?”…but folks I have to tell you, picking up after your pet, especially in a shared living community, is essential to everyone’s pets and personal health. Continue reading

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