The BooTiki Fund, Inc.


Public Charity


“Our mission is simple.  Our compassion is real.  Aid the animal in need.”


Our Mission

The Boo Tiki Fund is a non-profit organization with the purpose of keeping animals in their forever homes by providing assistance to their owners when they have no where else to turn. We seek to leave no pet in medical need by providing funding to obtain the veterinary care essential for good health and happiness.

The Boo Tiki Story

dog1Mike and Rebecca O’Donnell have been married for 35 years and, during most of this time, they have owned a pet. In March of 2014 their last beloved dog, Axel, succumbed to degenerative spinal disease at the advanced age of 14. As their sweet boy grew increasingly fragile they looked to the future to find a memorable way of honoring the way he, and all their pets, had so deeply touched their lives.As the medical bills grew the O’Donnell’s realized how very fortunate they were to be able to pay for all of Axel’s medical care. They were able to make decisions based on what they thought was medically best versus what they could afford…something many people are unable to do. This revelation led them to approach Dr. Lisa, of HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service, for ideas on how they could honor Axel and aid others in need at the same time. Having been a life-long friend to the O’Donnell’s, and having watched her grow from a teenager into a successful businesswoman, they knew Lisa’s passion to save animals in crisis would be just what they were looking for to bring their ideas to fruition- and so the Boo Tiki Fund was born.




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Vets In Training

Do you have little veterinarians in the making? Want your child to learn more about veterinary medicine with hands-on experiences? Learn about our Vets In Training Program and review our sign up applications.